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3.12.2010 is where youl find me now. so go to and look ast some photos on and get rad on maybe after that have peep at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


dig four victory will shortly be going wordpress, bigger, better and more updates, more stupid dribble drap and more failbook posts. hold onto your hats folks. stickers and t-shirts in the making..... x
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thought i better update... weather has been stupid latley, all this week sunny everyday, clear blue skies its so rad, but stil cold asssss. rode outside today for the first time in months, shouldve been digging you say? well a big middle one to you, the trails are bone dry, we actualy rode them on saturday :S stil got stuff to dial in, and only 4 jumps so far so yeah, as sson as it rain guna get on itttt, we did however start the bungalow, its like 20ft by 20ft, sloping roof either side, guttering, shit yea! haha, got a setee fromhome to send in there, get a round table, boshh. so yea riding today was aaaamazing and tthe luke peeters (united, 4down, digfourvictory) haha show turned up booyaaa. fucks sake, i have like 60 photos to upload, but this blogger thing is so whack. it took 15 minutes to do them, and i re sized them, and i have fast broadband, so im guna sort out a wordpress and get back to ittt xxxxxx

3.02.2010 yeaa yeahhhhhh hahaha


standard notifications. naaaat yeaaa shape up yeaa all smiles stacked this be-u-tay up this weekend not bad! dudes in the woods, chipping away, boshing stuff in! step up pre clay?! panting fagged about too much hahah pantiod wheelbarrow fail picture one pantiod wheelbarrow fail picture two pantiod give up fail p-antiod 20 minutes later hahaha yeaaa 4 weekends booom more stackage get syked! starting to clayy sunset saturday, hands caked, arms dead, soldiering on booom ting imagine if we lived in world where it was this colour wtf?! (that is actually how pink and rad the clay is) BOSHH yeahh me & bill bake dawg and pantiod clay sesh so sickk getting round to ther first smasher! rad bones sunday afternoon 5pm 4th set DONE little paths to big holes still gotta clay the front and sides. tombstone landings yeaa plans for some lunker roasters had to take out a bitchin' huge tree stump... one pickaxe swing and pulled it out, thank fuck! :D same shit just with bill looking HARD dial-a-berm im your biggest fan of all dig jumps with me papa papa razzi yea dudes yea baker yeah rose. so another sick weekend, so syked on the whole thing, making me syked on life in general, cant wait to get up there after work, bbq, chills, laughs, cruising through the trees ahhhhhh gunna be so good. get someee ♥
holyyyyy shit last clip on this!!!
sorrry but its worth a re post.... uk version soon haha ;)


happy friday! to celebrate, i updated buildthewoods, and am gunaa do a mega update to get dudes stoked! yeeeeehaaaa! i will caption session tomoz maybeee im bledy shattered! for victory yeaaaa xxxx